We invite you to celebrate our success!

Thank you for supporting our Road to Recovery campaign.

Last year, The Canadian Music Therapy Fund launched a year-long campaign to help people recover from the immense mental health challenges our communities are experiencing. With your help, we reached our goal of 150K! Projects were funded in Grande Prairie, Halifax, and through our Music Therapy Centre in Toronto.

2021 Community Report

This last year has been a challenging one for all of us. Thankfully, with the continuous support of our community, we were able to persevere. Amidst all the obstacles the pandemic presented, we are excited to share with you our 2021 Community Report. Thank you for your ongoing support. It means so much!

Our music therapy work includes

Pilot Projects

Academic & Field Research

Clinical Studies

Customized Projects

The Canadian Music Therapy Fund (CMTF) exists to create access to music therapy for Canadians who need it most.


We bring music therapy and music therapists to rural, urban and remote communities from coast-to-coast through innovative programs and research projects. These initiatives range from music therapy programs for people on the autism spectrum, living with Alzheimer’s disease, challenged by anxiety and depression, rehabilitating speech or motor skills, needing pre- and post-natal care, or living with a brain injury, to name only a few.


We accomplish this by awarding clinical and research grants, scholarships and fellowships to innovative certified music therapists who are then empowered to use their talents and expertise to make music therapy accessible within their communities.


Together, we are transforming lives. With your support, access to music therapy for all Canadians is possible!

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