Aprajita is a certified music therapist and the manager for the Music Therapy Centre. In her journey as a music therapist, she has had the opportunity to work with children and older adults with varying goals, mental health needs, and cultural backgrounds. Her clinical work is rooted in a person-centred approach that involves the use of music to connect and support individuals with their holistic wellness goals. Her recent research initiatives have focused on building advocacy around the use of creative arts therapies for mental health in North America and India. Additionally, she is working towards incorporating Indian classical music in performative theory contexts to understand its impact on relaxation and emotional regulation within international audiences.


Certified Music Therapist &
Manager of the MTC

Rea serves as the dedicated administrative manager for the Canadian Music Therapy Fund, ensuring smooth operations and effective communication within the team. With a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Toronto, she possesses a deep understanding of human behavior and the therapeutic benefits of music. Drawing from her extensive experience, Rea actively engages in music therapy initiatives, collaborating with organizations such as the SMART Lab at Ryerson University and the Alzheimer’s Society of Toronto. Beyond her administrative role, Rea is passionate about extending music therapy resources to those who need them most, ensuring accessibility and support for individuals seeking healing through music.


Administrative Manager
of the MTC & the CMTF

Jessica is Toronto based graphic and web designer with a BFA in New Media and a minor in English, from Toronto Metropolitan University. Through her design work, she’s collaborated with companies including, the Canadian Medical Equipment Protection Plan, Nova Mae Design Studio, QTS Management, and now the Canadian Music Therapy Fund! View some of her past work here.


Jessica interest in design comes from a desire to create beautiful things and tell interesting stories. as CMTF’s digital communications manager she gets to do both! A fun fact about her is that she’s classically trained in piano and knows the lyrics to more abba songs than is good for anyone!


Digital Communications


Quentin Burgess is the Director of Industry and Member Relations at Music Canada, who represents Canada’s major record labels. In this role, he works closely with label staff and industry partners, and oversees the organization’s Gold/Platinum Certification Program, which recognizes and celebrates milestone sales of music in Canada. 






Chair of the Board

Hannah You is a Certified Music Therapist working at a paediatric hospital in Toronto in the critical care units. She uses music therapy to support children and families in their toughest moments and provides opportunities to enhance meaningful moments. She also has specialized NICU training that allows her to be the first musical sounds that babies hear!





Vice-Chair of the Board

Kelly Khalilieh, CPA, CA is the Treasurer of the Board.  She is a partner with a local accounting firm, and specializes in professional standards and quality management.  Her passion for giving back to her community, along with her love of music and appreciation for the powerful impact of music therapy, are what inspired her to become a member of the Board.  For fun, she loves water sports and hanging out with family, friends and her two fur babies.


Treasurer of the Board

Natalie Pooran is the Chair of the Board. She works as a Sr. media executive. What she loves about Music Therapy is the connection a music therapist brings to the mind, body and spirit. A fun fact, you’ll likely hear her, before to see her as she has a boisterous laugh. 








Past Chair

Regan is a fundraising and partnerships professional who has a passion to support music and people in many ways. Through her work with MusiCounts as the Senior Manager of development and partnerships or as a board member for the Canadian Music Therapy Fund, she is always finding ways to make music more accessible for those who need it most.




Board Director

Hillary Hui is a CMTF Board Director and Finance Committee Member. She brings diverse experience within the healthcare, medtech, and financial services sector, and currently works as a Finance Manager. What she loves about music therapy is how it can help a wide range of people, both young and old and in different life circumstances. A fun fact, she is classically trained in both piano and trumpet. 


Board Director

Taylor Kurta is a music therapist and award-winning singer/songwriter. She is a PhD candidate at the University of Waterloo in Recreation and Leisure Studies, researching collaborative songwriting with people living with dementia to challenge stigma. What she loves most about being a music therapist is being able to shift cultures of care through the arts. 




Board Director

Tyson Kuteyi is an award-winning Producer, Composer, Recording and Mixing Engineer at the center of the advertising, TV, film and music industries. His keen ability to connect with each project’s unique requirement, combined with his technical and musical knowledge has made him a top choice for the recording, production and mixing needs of brands and artists internationally.





Board Director

Adrienne is new to the Board and a member of the Advocacy committee.  She works as a Certified Music Therapist, Registered Psychotherapist and clinical supervisor.  Adrienne is passionate about music therapy advocacy and is a past President of CAMT, co-founder and owner of Beyond the Studio, the Sing it Girls! program and co-host of The Canadian Music Therapy Podcast.  A fun fact about her is she is a proud Bluenoser (living in Ontario) and she travels down east when ever possible.


Board Director

Sonia Reynolds, MBA, is a member of the Board. She is a business strategist specializing in marketing, engagement and strategic planning. What she loves about music therapy is how transformational music therapists are in the lives of those who work with them. You can usually find her outdoors, golfing, kayaking or camping. 







Board Director