We launched our Music Therapy Moves Us campaign with great performances by Ian Janes, Delyn Grey, and Alexander Saint at Revival in Toronto. If you would like to help make music therapy more accessible across Canada, please donate here.  

In March 2022, we launched our Road to Recovery initiative, and since then, we have embarked on an incredible journey. Thanks to you, we have reached our goal of $150,000. Your generous donations will enable us to continue providing music therapy to individuals in need throughout Canada. 


We celebrated Road to Recovery at Universal Music Canada’s new Academy space in Toronto with performances by Tynomi Banks, James Baley, Courtney Gilmour, Michael McCreary, & Ori Dagan.



We wrapped up our unforgettable journey with a mind-blowing, sold-out End of the Road Celebration at The Cameron House. A huge thank you to lemin., Dr. Draw and the Strange Parade, and the Sky Walkers for their incredible performances.



Photos by Cassandra Popescu.