Music Therapy Centre

The Music Therapy Centre

In addition to programs funded across the country, the Music Therapy Trust also operates a Music Therapy Centre in Toronto, Ontario. At the Music Therapy Centre, we offer affordable, accessible music therapy sessions, delivered by accredited Music Therapists. Our Centre is all about making music therapy available in the community.


At the Music Therapy Trust, we want to make music therapy more accessible. Our Centre provides a space to offer music therapy sessions at affordable prices. One day, and with your help, we’d like to open more centres like this one in other parts of the country.

What happens at the Music Therapy Centre

Group music therapy sessions:

Music therapy is offered in a group format to those for whom this is the best fit. We work with a broad range of groups – from moms with toddlers born with physical disabilities to support groups for caregivers, or youth with autism – where participants have common challenges or goals that can be helped through music therapy. If your community organization would like to create a group that could benefit from music therapy, we can provide sessions at the Music Therapy Centre or another location.


Individual music therapy sessions:

Sometimes, one-on-one support is the best form of music therapy to help meet your needs and reach your goals. In this case, we offer individually tailored sessions, working directly with a music therapist at our Centre or your location if required.


Guided Imagery and Music:

At the Centre, we also offer Guided Imagery and Music; a form of music psychotherapy. In this form of music therapy, we listen to specially recorded music programs to help you explore your consciousness through imagery experiences.


As with all music therapy sessions, the goals of the therapy offered at the Centre depend on your needs and challenges. They can range from increased mobility, to improved communication, to reduced anxiety or exploring personal issues.

We are grateful to the Ontario Trillium Foundation for their generous support! As a 2021 Resilient Communities Fund recipient, the MTC has been able to safely support over 400 clients through the last year of the pandemic, and expand service delivery throughout the Toronto community.